Lovely Cotinga

Remember when I talked about my coordinated jacket and pant project? No? That's probably because you don't actually read my blog, but I won't hold it against you. As I finished up my jacket, and prepared to deliver it to Ryerson, I thought I should take a few photos for you, my random blog reader, to enjoy. After a sleepless night sewing, I didn't think you'd want to see my vampire face. My buddy Emily assisted with the photos - frantically taken in my building hallway but 20 minutes before the jacket was due. Enjoy the frantically assembled collages. Keep in mind, these garments are made for a misses 9/10, which is something like a 6 or 8 in our more common shopping sizes. I'm swimming a little.



We're moving into evening wear. My final project in my illustration class was to design 4 evening wear design sheets (a total of 20 designs), and select 3 designs to present as fashion illustrations, each using different media, different styles, composition, etc. As I am still trying to "find my voice," and really develop a style, my illustrations are usually pretty different anyhow. Here are my three - what do you think?

pencil, watercolour, ink, metallic thread, glass beads (I'm actually going to make this in all the spare time I have...)

pencil, conte, lace

ink, pencil crayon frottage on back