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Oh, are you still here?
Well here's something for you to read: just over a year ago I submitted my graduate thesis. You can read all the words I wrote here: talakamea.com/Words

It's about fashion and clothing, sound, and creative expression.
If you're into it, let's discuss it over a drink.


The Brave

I barely remember when it started. I have a somewhat clearer recollection of how it began. All I know now is that I'm in the middle of the whirlwind that is starting a new clothing company. 

We are The Brave Clothing Company, Inc. "We" consists of myself (duh), and Stefan Paul Dehod, a very good friend of mine and kindred crazy person. Stefan's dislike for sleeves and love of fun and fashion is what sparked this company. We specialize in men's tank tops. Really rad ones. Ones like you've never seen. Better than the average tank. The best, perhaps. I mean, it's all subjective, really, but we are kind of very stoked on our designs.  What's even more exciting is that we only intend to get crazier, more fun, more badass, more creative and in general have more fun with it all!

And although we are focused on men's tanks, Tala Kamea will be collaborating with The Brave to produce a select few women's tank styles. Think matching his and hers for all the cute couples that make you feel bad about your own relationship, or lack thereof. We're talking hot tops. Perfect for summer loving. So get with it and get one. And one for your friend.

We'll be kicking off the line with a preview on April 18 at Pretty Freedom in Toronto, ON, where the goods will be available for your viewing and purchasing pleasure. Soon after we hope to be set up online, and if you're in Edmonton on May 3, 4 or 5 visit us at the 14th Annual Royal Bison Craft and Art Fair. Stefan will be there slinging tanks in a tank, built like a tank, but probably not tanked. You should take him for a beer afterwards, however, and see what happens.

See you in the sun!


Her Fault

Wow, it's been a while. Shit happened, I did some things. I may post some of said things later, but for now, peep the amazing, new The Airplane Boys video. I've got a number of pieces in it, which show up near the end of the vid. Wait for it: a room full of strong, beautiful, and incredibly well-dressed women are gonna stare y'all down. Be afraid.

(By the way, be forewarned there is some graphic imagery in this video. My lovely mother wrote to me: "Proud that your designs are in it, but definitely horrified by the video itself! Aaaarrrgghhhhhh!!!!")