Crystal Methodology

I have a few pieces for sale in Miracle Thieves. They are made of a black, coated cotton denim, and are ready to be broken in by a loving new owner. The pieces feature raw edges and distressed details paired against sharp, precise "edges." One piece has already been nabbed, so don't sleep on these. They are also super limited in number so you won't be caught at a party wearing the same thing as that hussy over there in the corner... Happy holiday partying!


In studio:


Cuttle Shuttle

Check out how awesome Meaghan is. She's doing her cuttlefish dance atop the Toronto space shuttle, aka city hall. This is dress 2/2 (see below), again with an original print designed and digitally printed by me on silk organza. It is happily on its way to Montreal, where it will be reunited with its strong-shouldered counterpart.


Twerk it.

Long story short, I made this dress (1 of 2) in Montreal as part of my internship. I also designed and printed the fabric myself, which was a lot of fun but I'll talk about that some other time. I did a last minute, haphazard shoot with my friends Natalka (model) and Olya (photographer) before heading back to Toronto. Real photos later... this is much more fun: Natalka werkin' on her twerkin.'


Miraculously Thieved

It has been quite some time since I've updated. A lot has happened, none of which I care to relay at this moment, but perhaps will share snippets of in posts yet to come. This post is to draw attention to a new art and design studio/retail space that launched at the end of July 2011, Miracle Thieves
Founded by Jen Maramba and Tiffany Naval, the duo have created a beautiful space on the north side of the beloved Trinity Bellwoods Park, wherein one may discover and even create, through artist-led workshops, wonderful treasures. Thieved from the website: "MIracle Thieves features local Toronto artists in the main studio space. Ranging from illustrations and handbound books, to jewelry and sui generis garments, Miracle Thieves showcases a wide range of pieces made by prolific local artisans."

I am humbled and thrilled to be included in this group of "prolific" artisans, although I hardly consider myself to be anything even remotely close to that... 

Anyhow, I urge you to visit Miracle Thieves, if not to check out a few of my pieces, but to see what kind of amazing talent is creating and thriving in Toronto. Oh, and they also host fun events and live music. Go, see it, love it, be inspired, create and appreciate what miracles may enter your life. 


Taladactyl Dress

It's been a while, I know. I've been busy procrastinating on various projects. This is one of them.
A deconstruct/reconstruct project for my sustainability workshop class. I deconstructed a large windbreaker that I bought at a wardrobe sale for $3, and turned it into what I call a Taladactyl dress. Inspired by (mostly) pterodactyls, birds and flying machines. I still need to finish it properly, and take some slick photos, but here it is. Visit the tumblr I set up for the project, in which I discuss my process and inspiration a little more.
Keep your eyes on the skies for a full collection of Taladactyl dresses in the future.
Jacket before reconstruction

Look 1

Look 2

Look 3

Look 4 (features removable top skirt)