Fancy Feet

I am obsessed with beautiful shoes. In preparation for a wedding I attended last week in Cochrane, Alberta I washoping to procure some fabulous shoes to go with my hot drop-crotch halter jumper. Seriously, it's hot. Unable to find those dream shoes that fit within my budget and were actually my size, I decided to create a versatile shoe accessory to not only go with my outfit, but something I could wear to many future occasions, and strap onto an assortment of shoes. Hand-cut and hand-sewn comme la haute couture véritable, I am thrilled with how these turned out. I am going to make a variety of styles now - some with a little more glitz and glam - delicate beading, gaudy gemstones, bold colours, et cetera.

Purchased shoes

With lace accessory:

Lace on another pair of sandals:


Bad Form

I don't have a proper drafting table, so I am forced to create patterns and cut fabrics on my very hard floor. Not only am I slowly destroying my back, but also my knees. Until I get a table, makeshift knee pads will have to do.

Have I upped my street cred yet?


Sweet Summer

Some new clothing items and accessories are in the works right now (I'll try to get them up here soon-ish), but in my periods of relaxation I've been finding the perfect summer lifestyle accessories. Most recently these include a sickenly sweet Polish cherry wine, a patio, and Christian Dior's autobiography. Yes, I'm drinking one glass for myself, and one for Monsieur Dior.