Alicia VW

One of my supervisors at work asked me to create a dress for her that could make the transition between office and cocktail hour easily. Alicia likes classic shapes, but she's also drawn to pieces with interesting design details. She was thrilled with the slightly drooped pockets and draped sleeves. The fabric, a polyester microfiber, looks and feels like silk, but is easier for her to maintain during her busy and vigorous day-to-day activities. If you knew how fast she walks, you'd understand how silk might not withstand her energetic personality. It's a relatively simple dress, but it's elegant, versatile, and was an affordable option for Alicia. After I delivered the dress to her, and got her to try it on one more time, I asked her if I could take a few shots for my portfolio. She was a great sport, posing for an impromptu photo shoot. I even got her to give me a good pose featuring her hyperextended elbows. Awesome.


Me, Myself, and I

I spent Valentine's Day continuing to update my portfolio. I had to (re)shoot a few garments, and with this being a hurried thing again, guess who had to model? Go me. This time I was sans une équipe créative - so I had to do the best I could. I painted my face and put my hair up in a pathetic updo, just to get my hair out of the way. I hung a big piece of white, cotton jersey from my wall, endlessly battling with the tape (I'm not willing to put holes in my wall just yet). I rounded up some lights, redirected the lights in my kitchen, and got my camera set up. Self-timer is an amazing thing. I wish I could say I had fun doing this.

Here are some shots of my Wear-Every-Way dress. It's a reversible dress with a detachable chiffon "scarf" that doubles as a belt. You can leave it on and tie it a million ways, or leave it off and let the garment just fall around you. You can wear it in a variety of ways including as a wrap, a shrug, a top, a sleeved-hood thing, and so on. It's really up to your imagination. Once again I'm designing as though fabric were the most precious thing in the world... In time perhaps it will be. For now, this is the ultimate investment piece for a poor fashionista. Enjoy.


Lady Maganda

I'm updating my portfolio. I wanted to photograph my terno that I had made last year, as well as do some quick shots of a couple other little pieces (my Cotinga jacket and a white rabbit fur capelet). I'm fortunate enough to know some incredible people. My talented friend Shane O'Neill was kind enough to take photos, and the shoot was styled and directed by my amazingly creative friend Jodinand Aguillon. He also pulled in two very talented ladies to the team - Brae Mason and Brittany Hopkins, who created the makeup and hair looks, respectively. Without these fantastic people I don't know what I would have done. I had to do the modeling, as the scheduling of the shoot was incredibly rushed and I couldn't find a model in time. For this particular dress, as well, I wanted a Filipina model, or at least a half-Filipina. Ha! If you know any models in the Toronto area willing to work gratis, please have them contact me! Anyway, I think I don't look half bad thanks to these talented people! Here are some "behind the scenes" photos that were snapped by Jack Duluoz working Jodinand's camera. I'll post some of the real shots when I get them.

Getting ready at The K

Reviewing some of the shots

This must have been us talking about "pruuuuuunes."

Think "malong."