Beauty in High Park

High Park in Toronto has a nice little section of Sakura trees, or cherry blossom trees, that only bloom once a year in late April/early May. This past April I had a yearning to wander amongst the pretty pink blossoms and pretend that I was on vacation in Japan, or even Washington, D.C., enjoying the trees in full bloom. On a whim, I asked my amazing photographer friend Landon Speers if he would be up for an impromptu fashion shoot amongst the ephemeral blooms. In a day we managed to pull together a great team that had Landon's good pal Warren Hrycun assisting with photography, the lovely Brae Mason handling makeup/hair, and the beautiful Deirdre Buryk modeling my silk Atmos Dress. The saturated cobalt blue really stood out against that backdrop of pale pink flowers, I am super happy we did this while we could! One of my favourite things about the day, aside from spending it outside in the beautiful park, was the number of park visitors who began taking snapshots of what we were doing! We became something of a tourist attraction at that point, which actually ended up adding an interesting element to some of the shots. Here, check out some of the behind the scenes photos along with the real dealios.

Make-up party with pain au chocolat and strawberry strudels.
Landon taking some test shots.
Staging a shot in 2 parts (I'm floating!)
Attracting an audience.
How to put a model in a tree while wearing silk... this is something like Step 3.
Quick! Get a shot with the train!

And now the real deal:


nokomis said...

holy shit, that's beautiful! i love when everything comes together like that! xox.

wannafoodie said...

Gawd, Tala... stunning. :)

Anonymous said...

i love it!

ophelia's funeral said...

Great schtuff on your blog Tala!!! xo

vanillacardamom said...

beautiful!! the dress looks stunning