Not An Appropriate Summer Post

It's been a long time. While I've been working on some pieces for various people, I haven't been as productive as I'd wanted to be this summer. I've been incredibly busy with work, and while a girl's gotta pay the bills I've also been distracted by this beautiful summer we've been having! I've been enjoying biking around the city, sitting in caf├ęs and bars and parks, and enjoying time with my friends and loved ones. As a Libra I'm supposed to be more balanced... I'll work on that, but in the meantime here's an oldie that I never got around to posting. In preparation for the too quickly approaching fall and winter season, it's what I consider to be a real "bunny hug" - or perhaps you might call it a "bunny shrug"? Anyhow, here's a page straight from my portfolio.

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so awesome