Les Fureurs du Tango

The focus of my current research paper for my Fashion Theory/History class. 
I am developing my strong love for everything tango.

"Les Fureurs du Tango"
George Barbier, 1919
Published in the 1920 volume of La Guirlande Des Mois


elizabeth said...

I wish I could see a real live tango in real live life. When I was in Spain this spring my sis and I finally saw a real flamenco show and it was one of the most amazing experiences I've had. I'm curious to see what you learn/write. Keep us updated.

Tala Kamea said...

Elizabeth, I'll keep you posted, depending on what kind of feedback I get on my paper! Haha.
I hope to get over my lethargy and take some classes soon, but in the interim I've been watching videos:

This one is a good one from a movie called "Tango." Nothing crazy, just a good old tango that really demonstrates the movements, some beautiful footwork, and the leading.

This is a milonga from the same film, the milonga being a precursor to the tango.

And this, a more "showy" performance, that I feel relies more heavily on tosses and lifts than good old fashioned footwork. Very entertaining, nonetheless.

P.S. I would also LOVE to learn flamenco. Sigh. Too much to learn in this lifetime.

elizabeth said...

Wow, great videos Tala, thanks!

And yes, maybe one day we can both learn flamenco, double sigh.