Never Ending

School is a never ending run of projects and assignments. I am sleeping very little - 3 to 4 hours a day if I'm lucky, and I catch up on the weekends, against my will. At this rate I'm never getting ahead. With so many projects on the go for each class, I am going a little bit insane.

This week I handed in a lovely pair of pants, part of a coordinating suit project that will continue until the end of the semester. Unrealistic production time lines, yes, but oddly enough in the framework of post-secondary education it's barely enough time. I failed to take a photo of the pants in the wee hours of the morning before handing them in, and will only get them back at the end of the semester. Photos will follow then, but for now, enjoy the 3 inspiration boards required for the project: The South American Long-Wattled Umbrella Bird (mandatory "3-D object"), Gianfranco Ferré's FW 2009 collection (mandatory designer collection), and "Frogs" (randomly given "wild card"). Blogger has uploaded the images in some crazy way, so the colours are heavily distorted. Oh well.

The influence of these inspiration boards should be visible in the completed pant and jacket. My pants are a lovely, heavy-weight silk charmeuse in a deep bluish-grey, high-waisted with room in the hips, moving into a long slim leg - more influence from the Ferré collection than anything else. The jacket will be the showpiece, just as the Umbrella bird is a frou frou attention-grabbing bird flirt. Pretty
excited about the garments, though they are keeping me up at night, every night. School sucks.

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