Focus on the Philippines

In light of the recent catastrophes occurring in Asia, the Filipino art exhibit has been understandably postponed. No problem for me, as my dress is still only a bodice, the sleeve is yet to be attached (I have yet to hand-sew the sleeve to the bodice, through 7 layers of leather!), and the skirts yet to be cut.

In the meantime, the Kapisanan is busy packing up balikbayan boxes and putting out calls for necessities to send to the Philippines. If you can donate anything along the lines of first aid kits, feminine hygiene products, diapers, food items, soap, etc. please feel free to drop by the centre on Augusta and Dundas, in Kensington, and drop off some items.

If you have time or interest, you can also help pack boxes, and learn a little bit about various parts of Philippine history. This centre is a fantastic place that offers a variety of resources for artists, musicians, opportunities to learn about the culture and participate in it through drawing circles, history lessons, and even food eating events! YUM. Visit their website to learn more, and make sure you drop by on Saturday, October 3 sometime after 7pm for a great fundraising event for victims of Hurricane Ondoy. The evening features a poetry slam jam, music, cheap drinks, and of course great people! It's Nuit Blanche, so if you're out and about, stop by!


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