Alicia VW

One of my supervisors at work asked me to create a dress for her that could make the transition between office and cocktail hour easily. Alicia likes classic shapes, but she's also drawn to pieces with interesting design details. She was thrilled with the slightly drooped pockets and draped sleeves. The fabric, a polyester microfiber, looks and feels like silk, but is easier for her to maintain during her busy and vigorous day-to-day activities. If you knew how fast she walks, you'd understand how silk might not withstand her energetic personality. It's a relatively simple dress, but it's elegant, versatile, and was an affordable option for Alicia. After I delivered the dress to her, and got her to try it on one more time, I asked her if I could take a few shots for my portfolio. She was a great sport, posing for an impromptu photo shoot. I even got her to give me a good pose featuring her hyperextended elbows. Awesome.

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