Lady Maganda

I'm updating my portfolio. I wanted to photograph my terno that I had made last year, as well as do some quick shots of a couple other little pieces (my Cotinga jacket and a white rabbit fur capelet). I'm fortunate enough to know some incredible people. My talented friend Shane O'Neill was kind enough to take photos, and the shoot was styled and directed by my amazingly creative friend Jodinand Aguillon. He also pulled in two very talented ladies to the team - Brae Mason and Brittany Hopkins, who created the makeup and hair looks, respectively. Without these fantastic people I don't know what I would have done. I had to do the modeling, as the scheduling of the shoot was incredibly rushed and I couldn't find a model in time. For this particular dress, as well, I wanted a Filipina model, or at least a half-Filipina. Ha! If you know any models in the Toronto area willing to work gratis, please have them contact me! Anyway, I think I don't look half bad thanks to these talented people! Here are some "behind the scenes" photos that were snapped by Jack Duluoz working Jodinand's camera. I'll post some of the real shots when I get them.

Getting ready at The K

Reviewing some of the shots

This must have been us talking about "pruuuuuunes."

Think "malong."

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elizabeth said...

Fun!!!!! Can't wait for more photos.