Whirlwind Month

It's been some of the craziest weeks of my life this year. School projects have been constant and demanding including a major evening wear dress project and having a heavy hand in organizing a large fashion show. As well, I've been involved in some extracurricular fashion activities to keep me extra busy. I'm going to try to catch up on my posts now that school projects are finally done - I handed in my last project on Friday - a corset with peplum that I am pretty in love with. Photos to come.

For now, we start with John James at The Red Carpet Room's Spring Trend Report. The event was sponsored by Fuze, and featured spring fashions by several Canadian designers such as Jessica Biffi, Brazen Hussy, and Lizares, and also featured an accessory showcase in which John James stole the show. Visit John James here.

Setting up at The Fifth

Juliann getting decked out in armour.

Juliann and myself with super talented designer Erin Ignacio (centre).

Rocking the jewels.

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