A Fashion Family

One of my brothers is in Korea for a year. He recently met someone in the Korean fashion scene, and was recruited to model. It's about time! Matyi has the right look and build for this, and I just saw some of his first photo shoot!! It's great! Go Matyi! There are some real gooders in there, I couldn't help but smile the whole way through. So excited, I hope he keeps going with this! As well, the designs from, what I believe is a design group(?) - La Mer Ma Maison - are quite fantastic - wonderful stuff that I wouldn't mind getting a few samples of... And I hope he gives me V.I.P. passes to all future fashion parties he'll be rolling up into. Oh, and maybe one day he'll wear one of my designs, thereby plummeting me into stardom. Oh, am I getting ahead of myself? Mmmmmmaybe? Who cares. Great job Matyi!! You look fantastic!

Untitled from Chohongjun on Vimeo.

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